Gilles van Leeuwen – VAV 2013



Protagonist: Études for camera

The cinematography seeks to strike a balanced middle between an objective registration of space and the portrayal of an individual who occupies the captured landscape. The individual within the shot is relatively free of narrative, as the camera is only in place to register an unseen moment – an activity that allows the eye to witness the moving canvas as a place wherein actions are possible, but do not necessarily need to be the focus of our attention.

The film strives to approach the thin line between the appearance of coincidental captured actions and the consciously framed cinematic style to which we are accustomed. This produces something akin to a video game esthetic, where the camera floats unhindered on a predetermined path, as if it were mapping the surroundings for an augmented rendering of the world of open spaces. It can be seen as an exercise for the filmmaker to deter himself from using conventional cinematic language to produce a sense of space.

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Gilles van Leeuwen – VAV 2013

Gilles van Leeuwen – VAV 2013