Anita Burato – TxT (Textiel) 2013



nominated gra awards

design and thesis

The jury design reports:

Anita used old looms and knitting machines. Many artists are exploring topics such as reducing consumption, a return to craft, and the throwaway culture. Although these are not specific themes central to Anita’s work, she does offer an alternative. We consider the technology of old-fashioned looms and knitting machines as obsolete, but by adding to them a new technique Anita increases their functionality and range. She does not reject new technology but uses it to enhance older processes, giving them a new lease of life. In this way, a knitting machine becomes connected to a computer which enables it to perform new applications. Her approach also reveals the working of the old, analogue system through the use of new, digital technology. How did an old-fashioned knitting machine actually work, then?    

The jury thought that her concept was original – she intervenes in the world and presents us with other approaches, other ways. Anita offers an alternative to our traditional perception of modern and ‘antiquated’ technology. The execution could be stronger and more precise. Both jurors are curious to see the next phase in her development as a young designer. They hope she will be able to give recalcitrant concepts a more convincing form.    

The jury thesis reports:

 Anita Burato has done research into a problem that she encountered in her practice: how could she present the tools or systems that are used to make something rather than just the product? How could she show the possibilities implied in something and not just the final thing? In her attempt to answer this question she has written a very clear and logical thesis. She has found a way to internalize the difficult theoretical material and write about it in a fluent manner, but surprisingly Burato also writes with a lot of wit. Underlying the whole thesis is a very strong sense of urgency: this is not just a topic, but also a serious attempt to handle the world in a better way. And although you sometimes hear the voice of the activist in the thesis, in the end it is the voice of smart thinker/maker that has convinced the jury.    

The thesis: 'Solve et Coagula'

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Anita Burato – TxT (Textiel) 2013

Anita Burato – TxT (Textiel) 2013

Anita Burato – TxT (Textiel) 2013

Anita Burato – TxT (Textiel) 2013