Orientation year

The Orientation year is a preparatory study programme. It will introduce you to the way the Gerrit Rietveld Academie works and enables you to gain insight into your own possibilities, so that you can make a well-founded choice to study at an art academy. The Orientation year will give you the opportunity to make a portfolio, which you can use to apply for admission to the Rietveld Academie. In February, students of this course can attend a consultation to discuss their options for further studies. If you pass the Orientation year successfully, you can participate in the entrance examination of the Rietveld Academie.

25 Saturday afternoons  from 12:00 - 17:00    
First class 2017: (probably on) 23 September 2017.
Course fee 2017: € 888.-. 

Admission interviews for 2017-2018:    
- June 7 & 10, 2017.    
Application DEADLINE: May 1st, 2017!

You will attend blocks of classes, each covering a specific area of Fine Arts and Design, such as Drawing/Painting, Mixed Media, Design, and Sculpture. Each block of classes is aimed at developing your own fascinations within an assignment. Except having to attend classes at the academy on Saturday afternoon, you are expected to work on assignments at home for appr. 4 hours each week.

You will be taught by artists and designers who will stimulate, coach and advise you during your work process. You will also have the opportunity to follow a number of workshops and take part in an excursion. Additionally, you can attend a theoretical program of the Rietveld Academie provided by the Studium Generale. For more information see also Studium Generale

Based on the assignments, research and progress discussions, you will learn to reflect on your work and also on visual art and design in general. With help of this course you can find out if studying in art and design would suit you and it is also meant for people who are serious and committed to working with visual media but do not yet have sufficient material for a portfolio. The Orientation year will give you the opportunity to extend your portfolio, to participate in the admission procedure for the bachelor programme of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, or another art academy. Additionally, there is the possibility to attend the 'consultations' for Orientation year students; during which will be assessed if you are a suitable candidate for the entrance examination of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. The Orientation year commences on a Saturday at the end of September and runs until the end of April. There are no classes during school holidays.

The Orientation year is preceded by a selection on the basis of the work you bring along, the outcome of a home assignment, and an interview with a tutor. Your motivation plays an important role here. The work you bring along may consist of sketches, doodles, photographs, videos or three-dimensional work – in short, anything that shows your expressive capacities. The minimum age for participation in the Orientation year is 16.


Aki Kaneda
Alessandra Aldini
Amit Zilberberg
Annelotte Weert
Aram Reijnders
Benjamin van Zanten
Berendine Venemans
Billy Jansen
Blanka Ašcic
Brigitte Rotteveel
Camiel Muiser
Carla Freiwald
Claire Wagner
Corine Smink
Dorien van Alphen
Ester Flinkenflögel
Esther Bleesing
Eva Hoeksma
Evita Kwant
Floor Kuijmans
Flore Hoeneveld
Irene de Gelder
Jeroen Kooistra
Johanna Beuningen
Jordi de Vetten
Justine Wesselo
Karin van der Zwan
Katharina van den Brink
Kilia Robustella
Laura Beunk
Lin Kok
Linda Valenta
Lise Teeuw
Lizzy Jongedijk
Luka Boerrigter
Madelon ter Borg
Mandy Hakker
Marc Mol
Margarita Osipova
Marit Schilling
Marja Lagrand
Marlia de Jonge
Martijntje van Schooten
Max Onink
Moa Johansson Drugge
Monika Nowak
Morgan Ton
Myrthe Veer
Neline Kramer
Niels Oosterbaan
Niki Kleverlaan
Nina Hazenoot
Nine Repelaer van Driel
Olivia Jarvis
Peggy Bussink
Quentin Dehaye
Quincy Inchauste Callahuara
Raven Wesenhagen
Rebecca van Caem
Roos Dessing
Rosanna Gaddoni
Roselyn Flach
Saba Ahmadi Sartakhti
Sander Rodenhuis
Silver van Sprundel
Sophia Favela
Sterre Troquay
Suzanne de Jager
Tanja van Dam
Xanthe Schepers
Yse Tuynman
Yuliia Petryshena
Zoë Greenaway

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