Collaborative projects with students

Buro Rietveld is the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s project office. Working with Rietveld students, the office carries out projects commissioned from within the academy and by external clients, to which the needs of the students are always central. Buro Rietveld supports the students in their search for the points where ambition meets reality, in terms of the content and production of their work.

Buro Rietveld initiates publications, exhibitions and other physical manifestations of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s artistic climate. Buro Rietveld also promotes meetings and collaboration between the academy’s various specialisations at different levels. In addition, it also manages several internal and external exhibition spaces. Buro Rietveld is located on the interface with the ‘outside world’ where students, be they aspiring artists or designers, can meet their future audiences, clients and other external contacts.

Buro Rietveld also initiates publications and exhibitions and manages external exhibition facilities where visual experimentation is key. A neutral place, away from the academy, where students, aspiring artists or designers are able to meet their future audience, principals or other contacts.
The agency also works with students to produce Rietveld TV, which is broadcast monthly on AT5 and Het Gesprek. And Buro Rietveld organises symposiums where the focus is on contemporary questions on the cutting edge of autonomous visual art and design. These symposiums are open to students and non-students alike.

Buro Rietveld acts as an ‘intermediary’ between students of the Rietveld Academie and the outside world, and occupies an important place within the academy as such.


Before you make a concrete proposal, please read the short instructions for submitting a collaborative proposal