We are very proud of our Rietveld alumni, and consequently would like to know how all alumni have been doing since graduation. That is why we would like to extend a warm invitation to our alumni to become a member of our Alumni Network: The Rietveld Society.

We look forward to welcome all our alumni to The Rietveld Society and are pleased to offer all new members The Rietveld Society Button (see image), an exclusive design by Graphic Design students Nina Paim and Remy Alban Valton.

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Alumni initiatives

Several alumni start their own initiatives or platform to organise exhibitions and events. Here is short list of initiatives. Please check their websites for current events and other information.
Platform Platvorm founded by Bas van Wieringen and Anna Zwartjes
New Sculpture Department Amsterdam, founded by Kees Boevé and Lorenzo Quintanilla
New Shelter Plan and One Thousand Books Copenhagen, with Sara Glahn
kunstenaarsinitiatief beyoncé Amsterdam, founded by Lot Meijers, Elke Baggen, Lukas Hoffmann & Susan Kooi
BERM Amsterdam, run by Lotte Nijhof and Marieke Zwart
Polly's Picture Show Amsterdam, by Anne Huijnen, Isabelle Wenzel, Suzanne Posthumus and Anna de Jong
deSERVICEGARAGE Amsterdam, with o.a. Daniel Hofstede, Judith Leysner, Sachi Miyachi, Benjamin Roth, Ian de Ruiter, Arik Visser
Plan B Amsterdam, founded by Tarja Szaraniec and Tomas Adolfs
Eddie the Eagle Museum Amsterdam, founded in November 2010 by Arthur van Beek, Sieto Noordhoorn and Aukje Dekker
Red Light Radio Amsterdam, co-founder Orpheu de Jong
F.L.O.A.T. Amsterdam, co-founder Ginta Vasermane

January - February 2017

NEWSCAPES @Cityscapes
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stamps by Charlotte Dumas
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stamps by Charlotte Dumas

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Into the Light

flyer by Gilles de Brock (Sand…

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The Rietveld Society

The Rietveld Society is developing a platform to improve communication and possibilities for exchange between all members of the worldwide alumni network. Being connected to The Rietveld Society could for instance lead to (guest) teaching positions at the academy, interesting group projects/exhibitions both in and outside of the Netherlands, and other types of collaborations or initiatives.


Additionally, our aim is to learn more about the career development of the Rietveld alumni both in and outside of the art and design world.
We, therefore, have teamed up with the University of Amsterdam to gather information about the specific career and artistic development of Rietveld alumni. By knowing which kind of careers alumni undertake will help the Rietveld Academie keep the program in tune with the ever changing artistic climate, which in light of the current debate in the Netherlands is more relevant than ever.

Facts are Facts: Alumni A video presentation of facts about the alumni: based on the Career development survey in 2011/2012 amongst 1637 alumni from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, graduated between 1990 and 2010, 642 alumni responded. Designed by Moniker & Adina Renner.


The Rietveld Society will keep you updated through the website, our monthly update by email and our facebook and LinkedIn.