LIVE WORKS 2016/2017

body space time project

extra curriculair project open to Rietveld Academie students

to explore, improvise, compose with:
space / time / light / movement / sound / audience / each other

to work from all senses:
touch / smell / balance / hearing / taste / sight

to move and shift between:
head / heart / hands
mind / feeling / senses
why / how / what
overview / empathy / contact
association / memory / sensation
audience / image / maker

contrast / chance / repetition
rhyme / rhythm / rest

to start with a warm-up to expand sensory awareness
to explore anatomy in movement, like the anatomy of vision
to allow for time to include sensing, feeling, thinking
to sense the specific qualities of the space (inside or outside)
to establish a relation with space, with yourself, then with the other

to follow your sensory intelligence and improvise directly in space
to shift between moving in, moving out, composing
to allow for surprise, chance, change
to create together in the moment

to reflect on your experiences and the experience of others
to give each other feedback in non-verbal and verbal ways

to compose out of these explorations a work that meets an audience
to experience how an audience influences, focuses and co-creates a work
to mark: empty space - defined space time - empty space

to bring these experiences, knowledge, skills into your individual work

LIVE WORKS weekly timetable 2016/2017
monday from 13.00-21.45 in room 218 in the Rietveld building
friday from 18.00-22.00 on location in the city center of Amsterdam
saturday from 12.00-18.00 in room 218 in the Rietveld building
on these times are:
weekly improvisation sessions of 3.5 hours with an ongoing group
weekly sessions towards a presentation outside or inside the academy
sessions on your individual work