DOGtime Fine Arts (part-time)

The DOGtime Fine Arts programme focuses on developing students’ expressive capacities, with an emphasis on thinking and acting as a visual artist. The study programme trains students to become autonomous visual artists. Throughout the programme you will be supervised by specialists, artist and theorists from the different art disciplines. After graduation you may use the title Bachelor of Fine Arts & Design.

DOGtime Fine Arts focuses on advising and supervising students on the concepts and media preferences they develop, on further development of students’ technical, expressive and conceptual capacities, and on the development of an ‘autonomous portfolio’, providing insight into thinking and acting as a visual artist. During the DOGtime Fine Arts programme, you can use both old and new media, ranging from painting to video. Lecturers will provide individual assignments. You can also join in with various short or long-term projects.

Courses offered

Painting, Video, Mixed media, Three-dimensional work, Installations, Performance, Autonomous Portfolio, Time Based Arts, Presentation.


DOGtime Fine Arts students regularly organise group exhibitions. There is also an excursion to an important art centre outside Europe every year. In the past DOGtime went to New York, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Dubai and Singapore. In 2014 DOGtime plans an excursion to Cape Town. DOGtime also takes part in academy-wide projects, like the annual Open Day, Final Examination Exhibition and Rietveld UncuT. Visits to museums and galleries are a standard part of the curriculum.

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Lieselotte Fontrodona Van Der Eerden – DOGtime Beeldende Kunst 2016

Karla Hari – DOGtime Beeldende Kunst 2011

Valeriy Petushynskyy – DOGtime Beeldende Kunst 2009

Study structure

First specialisation year

Here you will focus mainly on the development of concepts and media preferences, the further development of your technical and expressive capacity, and the development of your autonomous portfolio.

Second specialisation year

In this year, you must complete your autonomous portfolio and write your artist’s statement. You will start on writing your thesis.

Third specialisation year

This year is the final examination year. The focus in this year is on developing your own work as well as your final examination thesis. You will receive intensive individual support. During this year there is will be a excursion abroad on the program.


During DOGtime Fine Arts, the theory classes serve as a specialist addition to the research conducted. Visiting important exhibitions and developing an artist’s statement are compulsory. Visiting lectures of the Studium Generale is optional. The Studium Generale provides a general theoretical context concerning current themes in the contemporary international art world. The Studium Generale brings in prominent speakers from the Netherlands and abroad to give lectures. For more information, see Studium Generale

Work placement and exchange

Work placements and exchanges are not part of the DOGtime Fine Arts programme, but in consultation with the coordinator there are possibilities for some students.

Students 1st year (DOGtime 3 FA)

Agata Szubrycht
Craig Borthwick
Hanneke ter Horst
Leonie Kuipers
Marcin Kaminski
Marco Wessels
Marius van Zandwijk
Nina Gierasimczuk
Noé Lopez de Miguel
Pieter Meijers
Saulius Nuobaras
Simon Keizer
Thom van Rijckevorsel
Urs Moore

Students 2nd year (DOGtime 4 FA)

Babette Bervoets
Brigitte Brock
Charlotte Ritto
Dominique Zwartelé
Fleur Batenburg
Rosalie Gorter
Søren Andersen
Tiki Tangelder

Students 3rd year (DOGtime 5 FA)

Eliisa Sorsa
Hilde Viëtor
Marloes Verburgt
Ralph Roosen
Russell Joyce