The Rietveld website

This site went online in the beginning of January 2010. On this site you will find information about our education. Besides being a source of information this site also functions as an open publishing platform for students, teachers and employees at the Rietveld. This should give a two-fold impression; both from individuals within the institution and from the institution as a whole.

The website, in itself, is based on a system that is partly a content management and partly a collaborative platform for creating archives of text, image and video material. The Rietveld website is built on the YII Framework.

Website by

Joel Galvez, Kjartan Fridriksson and Alexander Shoukas

In collaboration with (at the Rietveld)

Wieneke Mulder and Rietje Gijsbers


Jonas Lund and Anika Schwarzlose

Special thanks to

Luna Maurer, Per Törnberg

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text available under CC-DY-SA/GFDL