Clay Karaoke

Open day CLAY KARAOKE Orientation Year 2016

10.00-18.00 ROOM 105


General description During the course of the day the participants will produce clay sculptures within a one minute time frame, based on a single noun.

Actions The total cycle lasts for 12 minutes. One participant is in charge of the time-line. The time line shows a red surface, taking over the white surface with the noun, within one minute. In short: 1. place the word on the overhead projector 2. cut the clay 3. distribute the clay 4. start 5.

roles 1. time keeper (1) 2. distributor (1) 3. workers (6)

Places A. the projector B. the clay supply C. the display area D. the working tables (6) E. the collection

Seating arrangement There will be 6 drawing tables in the high modus. Participants are standing while working. There is a designated area (C) in the room where the most recent series is shown, in relation to the word.

Rotation When a new series is completed, the previous series is removed from area C and placed in area E. Area E holds the collection of the day and is situated behind the participants. Movement is slow and thoughtfull

Participants The participants of the Clay Karaoke are Orientation Year students and members of the audience, up to a maximum of 8.

Dresscode White apron