The graduations 2012

Gerrit Rietveld Academie

July 4-8 2012

Opening by photo detective Hans Aarsman

Design and audio: Laura Pappa and Karlis Krecers from the Graphic Department

On Wednesday July 4th at 4pm photodetective Hans Aarsman openend the Graduation Show 2012 of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Rietveld’s Graduation Show is the moment in the year when the youngest generation artists and designers presents itself to the public. Almost 200 students from Architectural Design, Fine Arts, Audiovisual, Fashion, TxT(Textile), Ceramics, Glass, designLAB, Image&Language, Jewelry, Dogtime, Graphic Design and Photography exhibit their works.

Overview end exam work

Every year we provide you with an overview of the works of the graduates.

Photography:  Leonie Linotte, Dagmar van Wersch, Abel Minnee en Taro Leenaerts

GRA Awards

On Saturday July 7th the GRA AWARDS were presented in the categories ‘Fine Arts’, ‘ Design’ and ‘ Best Thesis’.
With this award the academy wants to financially support upcoming artists and designers to start their own practice. The winners also can make use of the workspace at Tweede Nassaustraat (GRA Awards Residency) for a period of time.
Each year an exhibition will be organised for winners and nominees. This year the exhibition was called [S]elected and could be visited at Castrum Peregrini.

Jurymembers of this years GRA Awards:

Hansje van Halem, graphic designer    
Xander Karskens, curator De Hallen    
Ronald Rietveld, landscape architect    
Barbara Visser, artist    

The price for best Thesis is coordinated by the Lectoraat Art & Public Space of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

The jurymembers:

Sven Lütticken, teacher modern Art, Vrije Universiteit
Saskia van der Kroef, managing editor Metropolis M     
Jeroen Boomgaard, Lector Art and Public Space   

catalogus Selected

Winners GRA Awards 2012 are:

In the category of Fine Arts:

Jacob Gallant Raeder, Ceramics

In the category of Design:

Anna Navndrup, Architectural Design

In the Category Best Thesis:

Laura Pappa, Graphic Design

Nominees of the GRA Awards 2012:

In the category of Fine Arts:

Sara Glahn, Photography

Lukas Hoffmann, VAV

In the category of Design

Elisabeth Leerssen, TXT(Textile)

Leanie van der Vyver, designLAB

In the category Thesis

Marieke Berghuis, Image&Language

Christopher Holloran

Elisabeth Leerssen, TXT(Textile)


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The graduations 2012
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