Christopher Holloran – VAV 2012

Final Works


site: www.holzor.com


Exhibiting the works Wile E. & Shuttle Diplomacy

nominated for the gra awards


The Jury reports:

The second thesis the jury selected was of Christopher Holloran from the VAV department. His thesis researches the reality of hyper-reality and illusions of reality. Christopher Holloran is a good writer in that he gives good descriptions and gets to the essence of the subject. He gives plenty of great and fresh examples. The thesis however at times gets too broad and general, and therefore the jury would like to remind Christopher for his future writings that sometimes less is more. 

Download the thesis

Download here: Jury report Thesis GRA Awards 2012
More information about the GRA Awards: read here

Christopher Holloran – VAV 2012

Christopher Holloran – VAV 2012
Christopher Holloran – VAV 2012
Wile E. *(this video is a prev…

Christopher Holloran – VAV 2012
Shuttle Diplomacy Shuttle D…