Basicyear (1st bachelor course year)

The Basicyear of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie is a general formative year. It offers a broad and coherent programme in which all subjects are mandatory. During the Basicyear, you will be introduced to various professional disciplines. You will receive a lot of assignments; it is an intensive year in which you will spend five days a week working at the academy. In order to complete this year successfully, you must have an adventurous, receptive and inquisitive attitude. A critical eye and the willingness to cooperate with others are also essential for optimal participation in the programme.

The focus of the programme is on becoming intensively acquainted with numerous views, concepts and working methods, to provide a foundation for working independently and autonomously as an artist or designer. You will work on the basis of assignments. The purpose of these assignments is to help you on your way and to encourage you to use your talents in the most concentrated and focused way possible. In order to be able to make a well-founded choice of specialisation, you will be introduced to the different departments and workshops in the course of the year. Course results are tested twice a year on the basis of a small presentation of your work. Written or verbal tests are taken for the theoretical part of the study programme. At the end of the foundation year, you and your lecturers will determine whether a sufficient foundation has been laid to pursue the study programme. Sometimes students will be advised to retake the foundation year with different lecturers and thus with different assignments. Students may also sometimes be given the binding advice to discontinue the study programme. Occasionally, students may be encouraged to transfer to an academy that emphases different subjects.

Courses Offered


Drawing is an important skill, which enables us to look at things more closely, put down thoughts and ideas, gather sources and express our imagination. Drawing forms the basis of all the disciplines. Every conceivable drawing and painting medium is used.

Would you like to compare the Preparatory Year with the Orientation Year and the Basicyear? Download the handout.

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Brussels experience
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The three-dimensional form is the main focus in this discipline. Attention will be paid to work in relation to space, time, volume and motion, and the expression thereof using mouldable materials.


These classes address all stages of the design process, such as assignment and problem analysis, and idea development and execution. Subjects covered include: Clothing/Textile, Jewellery/Household Objects, Furniture/Tools, House/Environment, Text/Language, Translation/Communication. Attention will also be paid to design research.

Mixed Media

The use of every conceivable technique, such as photography, audio visual media and installations, is addressed in the Mixed Media classes. It is an interdisciplinary subject that combines the various techniques. You must use one medium or more when carrying out the assignments. A lot of attention and time will be spent on reflection of your own and other people’s work. The class lasts all day and the lecturer is also the mentor.


Theory classes are held on the same day each week, with part of the day taught by the theory mentor. The subjects covered include art history and contemporary art theory. Theory classes include the Studium Generale, a programme of lectures and films by theory or guest lecturers. For more info go to Studium Generale


At the beginning of each academic year, an excursion is organised for all Basicyear students. This is an important part of the programme, aimed at helping the students get to know one another and reinforcing the mutual bond. The Basicyear also organises the January Project each year, in which all students and lecturers take part. The January Project is based on a general theme, and the final presentation takes place during the Open Day at the end of January. The first year at the Rietveld Academie also includes regular visits to museums, exhibitions and symposiums.

Silkscreen printing workshop / Zeefdrukkerij


Alba Boustanji
Aleksandr Kornukh
Aleksandra Bokova
Alice Ashton
Alice Peach
Alizé Wachthausen
Angélique Farge
Annan Yap
Astrid Fleury
Astrid Sandbæk
Bart Houwers
Batuhan Kaygi
Beatrice Vancaillie
Bedri Kaan Korkmaz
Bronwen Jones
Carl Jacobsen
Carla Cohen
Cehan Sabuncuoglu
Celeste Perret
Célia Nabonne
Céline Jouandet
Chandra Conforti
Charlotte Flotho
Chloé Delchini
Christian Stender
Clarisse Pillard
Clemens Stumpf
Columba Williams
Daniel Alhassid
Daniel Slats
Danielle Yaor
Daria Nakov
Daw Winklaar
Dick Huppes
Dion Acton
Dora Brandt geb. Tran
Dora Jacques Piaszek
Edith Wallin
Eefje Stenfert
Elena Braida
Elias Pedersen
Ellie Wright
Emile Weisz
Emre Özakat
Feline Hjermind
Filipp Luzin
Finn Theuws
Florian Lutz
Franca Ullrich
Frankie Magnuson
Freja Björnberg
Frida Karlsdóttir
Frides van de Ven
Geraldo Dos Santos
Grace McMullen
Hannah Jacques
Hélène Daelmans
Ignas van Rijckevorsel
Ilona Westrik
Ivan Fucich
Iza Tromp
Jan Wester
Jana Köplin
Javier Zamora Velasquez
Jennifer Radusin
Jesper Dobbeling
Jessica Wolfe
Jim Klok
Jiyun Mun
Joanna Skupinska
Johan Adam
Johannes Reisigl
Joris Angenent
Julia Lok
Julia Rappen
Justine Grillet
Juul Stahlie
Kariem Philippa
Karly Gerharts
Kieran Hinde
Kim Lang
Klara Eneroth
Laura Bouman
Laura Læssøe
Laure Duclaux
Linda Da Costa
Lisa Arkhangelskaya
Liza Ekimova
Lizzy van Itallie
Loïc Vandam
Louise Zangato
Lucia Köhn
Lucie Gérard
Lucien Easton
Mads Sørensen
Maé Bouquillon
Mare Roorda
Maria Yzaga de las Casas
Marijn Swildens
Mark Emil Poulsen
Màtè Kohout
Matilda Kenttä
Maud Rosé
Max Glader
Meis Vranken
Melle van Herwaarden
Milad Taheri
Millie Honnebier
Minjoo Choi
Mona Mercier
Morta Jonynaite
Mumu Muratore
Munu Dhakal
Nadja Schlenker
Nomin Zezegmaa
Oskar Frere Smith
Ossip Blits
Parel Strik
Paula Garcia Sans
Pauline Gabert
Piet Kolkman
Raphaelle Hugues
Rebecca Hult
Renée van Zadelhoff
Riun Jo
Rose Brouwer
Roxane Mbanga
Ruben Raven
Sanne van Balen
Sarang Han
Seonmi Shin
Sergey Moskalev
Silke Jonk
Sofia Baytocheva
Sofie Bredholt
Tamar Pool
Tara Eva Kuijpers Wentink
Tasio Bidegain
Tatiana Kuznetsova
Tiltan Aroyo
Tom Vincent
Tomas Dudley Baker de Castro Feijó
Ursula Marcussen
Valeri Naumova
Vanille Ougen
Victoria Allakhverdyan
Vukan Zarkovic
Wieke Willemsen
Wooryun Song
Yilang Jiang
You Hee Kim
Youngjin Park
Yumu Liu
Yuri Sato
Yurika Kon
Zep Nieuwenhuijs