from Monday November 4

till Friday November 8

at the Rietveld Academie

The ‘Do It Yourself-week’ has been organized in order to inform students and teachers about the accommodation project, but also to get them involved. Everyone can get to know the plans and the concepts of the building. in addition, they can join in thinking about their surroundings. We can make the most of, and strengthen, the potential of the plans. It is a chance to work with questions arising from a tangible, concrete project. ‘Making’ will be at the heart of this week, with the aims of exchange and visibility. Rietveld and the Sandberg students will participate in mixed groups in workshops with 8 themes about the accommodation project. The workshops will only indicate the direction of the work, the brief is not completely fixed, so that plenty of freedom for concrete or independent elaboration will remain.


DIY week program

DOGtime Light +1 images
2013-11-18 09:16:30
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DIY acoustics day 3 +9 images
2013-11-06 16:37:44

DIY acoustics +12 images
2013-11-05 17:38:58
workshop with Christiaan Klase…
DIY week acoustics workshop
2013-11-05 09:59:49
T.I.M.E students (This Is Musi…