Workshop with the department of inter-architecture: from 'bodystorm to body architecture'

Workshop ‘bodystorm’ on the 1st of April organized by: The department of Inter-Architecture

The Bodystorm workshop will take the physical presence as a starting point for ad-hoc constructions. During the introverted morning sessions, through exercises of "lines in space & body awareness" we will go into body mode, and start small compositions. During the afternoon we continue with the extravert programme of ad-hoc creation in both personal and interpersonal space.

Programme of the day in the GYM: 09.30-12.30 ‘lines in space & body awareness’ 12.00-12.30 lunch 12.30-13.30 ‘making surrounded space’ 13.30-14.30 ‘intertwining surrounded space’ 14.30-15.00 ‘dialog’

People involved Basic year students, first and second year students Inter-Architecture and tutors different departments: Henri Snel, tutor and head inter-architecture ’what can tactility tell you about space’ Carla Boomkens, tutor basic year 'through which spatial intervention can you invite to (specific) movements?’ Lotte van Gelder, tutor jewellery and Emma Hoette, tutor basic year ‘Lotte and Emma consider the body as a tool for deconstruction of the principles that shape our material and immaterial worlds. Their workshop "lines in space & body awareness" navigates the intersections between bodies, theory, composition and medium’. Curdin Tones, tutor basic year and inter-architecture ‘can the body be used as tool for self-formation that initiates a design process?’ Femke Bijlsma, tutor inter-architecture ‘The more accessible virtual space, the more sensational the experience of physical space.