Uncut - GlassssDept!

I am the heart of technology, I pump and pump, my blood flows. I am the activator, the heartbeat. Nothing is left without me. Nevertheless I demand your totality, I wish for your presence.

The mystification of technology, the unreachable speed of developments. Technology is a support structure, it carries us though our daily lives. It’s ours but we have come to be dependent. We give life to it but are not in control.

From the deepest, from the heart, for life, totally yours.

Rietveld Uncut is an annual joint presentation by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Within the Rietveld the process of making, from concept to work, is an important element throughout the whole study. This process often stays invisible to the outside world; Rietveld Uncut aims to shed a light on this unique, dynamic and experimental part of the academy and reveals this process to the public. Departments and individual students contribute to Rietveld Uncut with projects evolving around a collective content.

For this year Rasmus Leseberg and Mirre Yayla Séur made this project possible. Assistants: Selma Hamstra and Anton Lyngdal.