SLEEPWALKER (Graduation2012//Cum Laude)

SLEEPWALKER : A documentation of my graduation project at Rietveld 2012. SOUND AND THE INFLUENCE OF SOUND ON THE HUMAN BODY Read thesis here: For my endexam installation, I build a stage, using cymatics on the stage (4x2) with very big speakers underneath that vibrate the ultrasonic and subsonic soundwaves through “you”. I want to make you feel something in a room, touch you in the same way a musical piece would, but then without the sound. You interpreted the sound by visuals and feelings (body and eyes ) instead of ears. If this will work, This will be proof that our bodies ‘hear’ too. And vibrations are not just soundwaves, but it goes way beyond our senses. (see thesis)

SLEEPWALKER : A documentation …