Screening about CoBrA, January 11, 16h30 at the library

Tomorrow, Friday January 11 from 16h30 till 18h00, there will be a special screening in the library of two documentaries on CoBrA.

More info:

Currently, the Rietveld library showcases present materials about the CoBrA movement. CoBrA is group of international artists that was active from 1948 until 1952.
The movement is well known for its experimental use of materials and interdisciplinary collaboration. Nowadays, CoBrA has its place in the Dutch art history, but in their own time they were considered more controversial.
The presentation in the library gives an impression of the CoBrA and its time, using documentation material and a series of CoBrA Magazines. The ten editions served as a distribution platform for the views and ideas of its members. Magazine nr. 4 also served as a catalog for the first international CoBrA exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in November 1949.
The presentation is part of the new Honoursprogram ‘Going Public’, a collaboration between the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Cobra Museum for contemporary Art.