Object Permanence

You are very invited to witness the conclusion of my residency period at Nieuw en Meer on the edge of Amsterdam. The exhibition will happen in exactly ten days, at Kate over the last weekend of June, next to the field of the creative community. The opening is in the afternoon on Saturday the 24th, coinciding with the 35th anniversary of Nieuw en Meer. Also, there's places to swim and a trampoline. Several reasons to swing by and celebrate! Drinks will be provided. My work remains visible until the evening of Sunday the 25th.

“Object Permanence is a new time–based work by Thom van Hoek, consisting of alginate casts of car rims found in the vicinity of the residency. The work has been combined with photography from recent years. Van Hoek graduated in 2017 from Materialisation in Art & Design at the Sandberg Instituut and (re)creates temporary, often site-specific sculptures, photography and sometimes uses video and sound. His work circles around the ideas of the Symbiocene, animism, climate change and our persistent confusion between nature and culture. He is interested in questioning definitions: when do we call something liquid or inanimate? Where do the borders between these categories lie and when would it be too late?”

The work is supported by Fonds Kwadraat.

I hope to see you there <3