NATURAL RELATIONS—Artists' books by herman de vries

Artists' books by herman de vries
from the collection of frank mandersloot

Opening: Tuesday May 26 at 16h30
Exhibition: May 26—June 26

With his exhibition 'to be always to be' herman de vries (b. 1931) is representing the Netherlands at the Venice Biennial 2015.
During his career, herman de vries has been producing a large number of artists' books, most notably under the umbrella of 'eschenau press', his own publishing house.

frank mandersloot, teacher at the Fine Arts department at the Rietveld Academie and fervent artists' book collector, has collected a large number of books by herman de vries. The opening will be accompanied by a brief introduction by frank mandersloot about the books by herman de vries.

Colin Huizing and Cees de Boer, curators of 'to be always to be', will give an introduction to herman de vries' work and the exhibition in Venice on June 2.