For the Record

Between September 6 and October 5 Plan B (Amsterdam) and KRETS (Malmö) collaborated on the project ’For the Record’. And compiled a blog that documents ’For the Record’.

Through a series of events – ranging from artist presentations and screenings, to performances, a workshop and a night walk – they presented a program divided into four interwoven chapters. Linking Dutch and Swedish artists, designers and experimental musicians, these chapters dealt with and celebrated independent artistic practices – and concepts such as meeting, producing, participating and sharing content. Each week new layers were added, resulting in an evolving exhibition with the following artists and participants:

Karl Georg Staffan Björk, Jenny Nordberg, Etta Säfve, Monica Tormell, Magnus Monfeldt, Koen Taselaar, Wouter Venema, BEAST Studio, Scapeous, NIGHTWALKERS, Leif Holmstrand, Ia Neumüller, Red Light Radio & Father Futureback.