Eight Cubic Meters by Vincent Knopper

May 13 – June 24 2015
June 10, 5 PM drinks
Sint Nicolaasstraat, Amsterdam

triple-shouldered through tenon
through tenon with diagonal “foxtail” wedge
tusk tenon reinforced with embedded perpendicular key
double-shouldered blind dovetail tenon with two-sided miter
double-shouldered stub tenon with additional sloped shoulder
angled housed half -dovetail cross-lap
oblique tabled corner lap
rabbeted corner with offset dowels

Wood Joints: the representation of a mechanism that functions, unambiguously, is the apparent invisible in this show.

Vincent Knopper researches how things come together, how they dissolve in each other. How different materials react to each other. How the perfect copy of the copy originates.

Thinking is in the making.

Vincent Knopper’s will graduate June 18 at Rietveld’s master, Het Sandberg Instituut.

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Photos by Lisa Sudhi-Bhasilp