Ceramics Department@UnCut 2015

see video of procession

A procession walk towards the Brakke grond, the people composing the procession are dressed in white fabric and plastic. They carry ceramics objects, difficult to identificate. They walk in the Brakke Grond, they cross the space towards a white tent. The tent is open. One after the other they deposit their object on a space that seems made for it. A body is composed by all separated parts. The procession walks out. The spectator is now free to enter the tent. When he/ she enters, he/ she can see in front of him/ her a body composed of several parts: The Oracle. In front of it, there is a computer. On the screen it is written, “Ask me a question”. The spectator can typewrite his/ her question. A respond automatically appears on the screen. The Oracle is activated by our actions. (text: Maya Lefevre- Kokopelli)

Costumes design:

Directed by Emma Walch & Buster Stroucken

Stage design:

Directed by Thomas Knopper, Carine Holties, Louise Moins, Wei Keong Tan

Computer & programming design:

Directed by Wei Keong Tan, Andrew Christine

Project Director:

Maya Lefevre-Radelli

Director right hand:

Jeanne Magnenat

Props making, performers & concepts:

All students mentioned before & Anja Peterson, Jevgenijs Carenoks, Ziynet Hidiroglu, Niek van de Lande, Mariska Koolen, Klasiena Soepboer, Gemma Hermans

Artistic advice:

Eylem Aladogan, Nina Glockner, Maarten van Kalsbeek, Lucas Lenglet, Anton Reijnders


Gerrit Rietveld Academie Ceramics department