April 8 - 19 Rietveld Pavilion & Library

Public opening hours: 
monday-friday 2pm-6pm.    

FROM ICED DICE TO DICED ICE, frank mandersloot featuring george brecht 2012 is an installation by Frank Mandersloot. It will be on view in the Rietveld Pavilion at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy from april 8 – 19. In the library of the academy research material related to the work will be shown in 10 vitrines.

The work consists of nine different chairs and text collages, all designed and constructed by Mandersloot. Three chairs are placed around a table, three chairs are standing along a sidewall, and three chairs are placed one after another. The text collages are hung on the wall.

Every day from 10am-2pm the installation will be used by guests, tutors and students from several departments, for talks, lectures and socratic discourse.

DICED ICE is based on George Brecht’s event score THREE CHAIR EVENTS . Sitting on a black chair Occurence / . Yellow chair. (Occurence) / On (or near) a white chair. Occurence / Spring 1961, printed on a small card from Brecht’s Wateryam, first published in 1964.

DICED ICE is dedicated to Wim Crouwel, whose NEW ALPHABET from 1967, a typeface with a low readability, but with a strong resemblance to the construction of the chairs, is used in the text collages (see typeface of the title above). Wim Crouwel designed the poster for the exhibition.

The text collages refer to to eastern philosophy (an important source of thinking for Brecht) and to Gertrude Stein, Wittgenstein, Rietveld, Judd and Weiner. The event score THREE CHAIR EVENTS was only realized once by Brecht in Martha Jackson Gallery, NYC in may 1961 as ICED DICE. In an interview with Irmeline Lebeer in 1973, Brecht said about the event scores: “The work is a research project on the relation between things: objects with each other, objects and events, scores and objects, objects and styles and so on. (-) Certain proposals I’ve realized myself, others no. If the spectator prefers the object to the idea he’ll make a choice. He can also realize it by himself. (-) Their meanings are a collection of all meanings that people give them over a period of time, no doubt that changes from time to time and form person to person. The objects themselves change a bit. Their interrelationships change.”

Since 1996, Mandersloot has been exhibiting works based on THREE CHAIR EVENTS. In november 2012 the installation DICED ICE was shown for the first time at the ZOLDERMUSEUM, Amsterdam.