December last year, a small grove was cut down on Frederik Roeskestraat, opposite of the academy. The wood was given to our Wood workshop to re-use. The 'Begraafplaats Buitenveldert' (cemetery) had already asked us to create a bench for them; this became a perfect assignment for the designLAB II students. It resulted in 9 objects, all with their own character and story. They offer an opportunity for contemplation and a break, some even offer shelter.

The following students participated:
Kyefa Park: Four Tree, Annabella Randel: Aumonitus, Abigail MacPhee: Not a Swing, Penelope Hémon: Quiet Company, Krisztina Czika: Merge, Naigel Vermeulen: This bench has no WI-FI, Dominica Chen: Circle of Life, Arthur Guilleminot: Last Smell Before Leaving, Alice Heron: L'Escalier d'Eprit

The next six months, until May 2016, you can admire the objects every day until sunset at Begraafplaats Buitenveldert and also sit on them.

Abigail MacPhee, Not a Swing

Alice Heron, L'Espirit d'Escal…

Naigel Vermeulen, The bench ha…

Penelope Hémon: Quiet Company