'Wilful Blindness' @W139

until September 27

With alumni Axel Linderholm, Sachi Miyachi, Roosmarijn Schoonewelle and Anami Schrijvers.

Whether due to a conscious act of filtration or an inevitable aspect of the empirical limitations of human beings, certain things are said to be unrepresentable. The exhibition Wilful Blindness in W139 takes the challenge posed by this proposition and, in an effort to separate assumption from experience, sets up an experiment in depiction.

​For the collaborative work by Caner Aslan (TR), Kate Bicât (UK), Paul Haworth (UK), Verena Klary (DE), Axel Linderholm (SE), Sachi Miyachi (JP), Roosmarijn Schoonewelle (NL) and Anami Schrijvers (NL), 50 tonnes of clay is installed in W139. With this fundamental and freshly dug material sculptural reliefs are made by the eight artists, without the aid of sight from the beginning until its completion. This highly physical process, along with its logistical and functional solutions, takes over the exhibition space in what becomes an impressive translative manifestation of imagination. www.w139.nl

Performance - Thursday 10th September 19:30

Performance of Newman-Saul's A Foggy Summer by poet Cralan Kelder (USA) in the exhibition space.

Finissage – Sunday 27th September 19:30 - 23:0