The Rietveld Academie has a number of workshops. Some of these workshops are for general use, and some are reserved for certain departments. The general workshops may be used by students of all departments; the department-specific workshops are intended for students of the departments in question. Sometimes students may work in workshops of other departments, but this must always be done in consultation with the workshop manager. The workshops are intended for students of the Rietveld Academie only.

Computer workshop - Rietveld Building

CadCam workshop

The CadCam workshop houses a broad range of digital manufacturing equipment. It is a “factory in the academy” where creative practitioners from all disciplines can explore the potential of formerly inaccessible industrial technology to develop their ideas through experimentation, rapid prototyping and production.

Computer workshop - Benthem Crouwel Building

We run software for Graphic Design, Image manipulations - Webdesign/interactive - Video - 3D – Text – Sound editing - DVD Authoring

Wood workshop

All conceivable ways of woodworking by hand, small, electrical and stationary tools such as: sawing, milling, piercing, turning, plane

Metal workshop

All conceivable forms of metal working are possible, such as: welding, cutting, sawing, bending of sheets and tubes, punching, blind riveting, milling

Book bindery

Instruction courses bookbind techniques. Induvidual support with design of students.


The screenprinting workshop is equipped for printing on paper with waterbased inks, in limited edition and with a maximum size of A0.

Printmaking workshop

Linography, lithography, etching, woodcut.

Letterpress workshop and offset printshop

Typesetting – character setting/ the old trade, with lead and wooden letters. Printing – book printing on stop-cylinder machine and platen press. Bindery – simple bookbinding techniques: stapling, working with the rubber back binding machine and hand bookbinding, cutting.

Sound Studio

The sound studio disposes of a “soundproof” recording space where voice-overs and overdubs can be made. Moreover it is possible to play and record all contemporary media: CD, DAT, Mini Disc, Compact Cassette, vinyl, ¼ inch Tape, Perfo Tape. Software: Pro-Tools LE, Ableton Live, Reason Adapted, Peak.

Video-editing workshop

High end videomontage Compositing DVD Authorizing

Jewellery workshop

In the workshop students may work with most metals, except for steal and iron, in a manageable size.

Photography workshop

Studio-, day or flashlight. Darkroom: 4 z/w enlargers, 6 colour enlargers. Printing facilities: 1 colour printer up to A0

Glass workshop

Blowing of glass, founding, cutting, polishing.

Ceramics workshop

Designing, producing, decorating and finishing of ceramic statues and products.

Fashion workshop

Lockstitch machines, zigzag sewing machines, fast sewing machines (industrial), thick material machine, steam irons (industrial), dressmaker’s models, cutting tables.

Textile workshop

Silkscreen printing, dyeing, sublimation, flockprinting, transfers, discharge, ausbrenner, changing structures, felting, computer-aided
knitting machines.

Weaving workshop

Weaving on computer programmed ARM-weaving machines, weaving on hand-weaving machines.

Uitleen (AV Equipment)

Recording equipment like dv-videocameras, digital cameras, microphones and accessories, audiorecorders. Recording equipment can be used inside and outside the institute. Presentation equipment like TVs, Monitors, DVD-players, Slide projectors, Beams, Sound equipment, theater light.

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