until October 12
Suns and Stars Exhibitions & Ton de Boer at Dresselhuyspaviljoen, Zonnestraal

Ton de Boer Gallery has been invited to stay at the Dresselhuyspaviljoen on the Estate Zonnestraal, in the middle of the forest. This beautiful complex, build by the Dutch architects Jan Duiker and Bernard Bijvoet and building engineer Jan Gerko Wiebenga, is a former sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis. All the rooms receive equal amounts of sunlight during the day. We made use of that and choose not to use any artificial light. We've invited 24 artists to show their work in the rooms, most of them decided to make site-specific or site-responsive work. Amongst them alumni

Bonno van Doorn
Richtje Reinsma
Maartje Folkeringa
Lotte Geeven
Peter Vink
Remy Jungerman
Emmeline de Mooij
Ellen Mandemaker

Landgoed Zonnestraal, Dresselhuyspaviljoen, Loosdrechtse Bos 17, Hilversum.
Opening hours: 13h00 - 18h00 on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, and by appointment.
More information: Marjoca de Greef +31 6 166 101 95