Overviel of the first year assignment of Inter-Architecture

Due to the tolerance that belongs to her mercantilism, Amsterdam traditionally is a multicultural society. The different cultures always brought their own traditions and symbols, sometimes hidden but often out in the open. There are fine examples of these cultural expressions, mostly religious, synagogues, mosques, they symbolize the values and standards of different communities and act as reference signs and meeting places. The Gerrit Rietveld Academie, is a is a good example of a small-scale multicultural society. To design a building for music, means taking into consideration both spatial and technical qualities. With rehearsal and recording studios, technical aspects easily take central stage. The objective “science” of soundwaves and acoustics offer a firm holdfast against the subjective and emotional architectural expression of its function. Haptic installation related to: ‘Haptic architecture and tactual senses’. We assume that people perceive through the senses. For this purpose, we will use at least the 5 senses, which are defined by Aristotle: We can see, we can hear, we can smell, we can taste and we can feel. Sight is not included! The focus is on the other 4 senses.