performances, film and video screening program

2 - 12 APRIL 
with Retracing, 2013 by  Rein Jelle Terpstra

During two weeks the program presents evenings with performances and screenings by young artists, most of them based in Amsterdam.

Wednesday 2 april 8-10 pm

Pierfrancesco Gava: If only we had listened, 2014 Judith Westerveld: Still not at ease, 2012 Phil Bosch: NO TITLE (Telluric V 37.476300 N 39.011000 E) 2014 Cecilia Bengtsson: choir piece, 2014 Robin Vanbesien: drip-drop-drips, 2013 Erica van Loon: Bird, 2012

Thursday 3 april 8-10 pm

Marc Oosting: the drawings of ed ruscha, 2011 Robin Vanbesien: what must one know, 2013 Voitka Group: untitled, 2014 Judith Westerveld: Foreclosure, 2013 Aimee zito lema: untitled (Marina), 2011 Alexander Höglund: Inflight, 2013

Friday 4 april 8-10 pm

Bastien Gachet: 1, 2, 3, 2014 Melissa Tun Tun: 4, 5, 6, 2014

Tuesday 8 april 8-10 pm

Sayuri Chetti: Bebe, 2014 ON INVITATION ONLY

Wednesday 9 april 8-10 pm

Roos Breeuwer & Petros Orfanos on sculpture + film 2014

Thursday 10 april 8-10 pm

Sayuri Chetti: Bebe, 2014 ON INVITATION ONLY

Friday 11 april 8-10 pm

Sara Campos & Seamus Cater & Han Jacobs: new performance, 2014 Robin Vanbesien: distant star (shapes praxis), 2013 Pernille Lonstrup & Mikko Karjalainen: Ga Je Mee Naar Buiten, 2014 Pierfrancesco Gava: Civitavecchia and other Maria's, 2014 Kristina Benjocki: Past less predictable than future, 2014 Aimee Zito Lema: Rehearsing Voices, 2011 Martin Pedersen: Presentation on Calypso, 2014


Saturday 12 april 5-7 pm

Rein Jelle Terpstra: Retracing, 2013

NOTHING TO SEE NOTHING TO HIDE is a series of one-week exhibitions, and evening programs with video screenings and performances, curated by frank mandersloot in PuntWG from march 12 till april 12 2014. Previous exhibitions were ‘stanley brouwn / photos and printed matter’, ‘PROVO International’ and 'nothing to say nothing to conceal'. During the 2 weeks program seven showcases with artists' books (of the previous exhibition) are on display upstairs.

PuntWG / Address: WG-Plein, in front of number 80, Amsterdam


Thanks to Alexander Högland, Sayuri Chetti and Stedelijk Museum and Gerrit Rietveld Academy for the additional support.
Graphic design by Vytautas Volbekas.