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16 March - 8 September 2013

Once and Again: An Exploration of Simulacrum – Guest: Beth Lipman

“Toward anticipations that the copy will transcend the original”

(from The Culture of Copy)

Every hand made object is simultaneously an original and a copy. Once and Again will explore the ways in which we evolve ideas through objects- through appropriation, paying homage, and disregarding what has come before. Participants will select objects from the museum’s permanent collection as a point of departure. A variety of techniques including hot sculpting, blowing, kiln forming, and cold working will be used. Emphasis will be placed on experimentation and group discussions. We will work in teams to realize individual and collaborative projects.

The final presentation is unpredictable but promises to be a visual treat under the guiding hand of Beth Lipman.

Opening Saturday May 25, 15 - 17 hours in the Rietveld Hall of the National Glass Museum, Lingedijk 28-30, Leerdam

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