AVRAL (Everywhere)

The 3rd specialization year of the Rietveld photography department proudly presents

AVRAL (Everywhere)

Opening 4th of December 5pm at Butcher's Tears, Amsterdam.

AVRAL is the second presentation of an exchange and research project of the 3rd years’ students of photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. The project took place during the fall semester of 2013 and occurred within the framework of the 2013 Netherlands-Russia Friendship Year.

In collaboration with FOTODEPARTAMENT, a non-governmental Photography Education Organization in St. Petersburg, Russia, the first edition of AVRAL was held in October 2013. The students stayed eight days in St. Petersburg and presented a compelling installation in ‘Chetvert’, a former dancehall in the historical city centre . The three-day presentation, with a program of lectures and discussions, became a lively exchange and a great experience. The core of this project was (and is) an assignment for all students of the 3rd year to make a work inspired and informed by their research on Russia and their engagement with its culture and social realities. The assignment asked them to deal with the blurry borders between true-false, good-bad and had as subtitle Russian Realities. In this second and last edition AVRAL shows the works which are the result of the individual approaches to the assignment and the experiments the students undertook.

5th-8th December

open 4 - 7pm

Butcher's Tears
Karperweg 45, Amsterdam

Guided Tour

7th or 8th of December at 4pm please subscribe to one of these dates at

AVRAL (everywhere) at Chetvert…